Bernard Buffet : the serie of clowns

Bernard Buffet is one of the rare artists who favors the figurative style in an expressionist painting. He is best known for his works relating to the clowns series. His goal was to be able to make clowns look sickly. The peculiarity of paintings reasoned on the appearance of the character by highlighting his eyes, and the shape of his head.

Bernard Buffet : the success of clowns series

Bernard Buffet is easy to recognize through his pictorial style. Its reasoned particularity on the realization of works of art on recurring themes. The clowns series represent masterpieces represented by melancholy characters. Bernard Buffet evokes sad clowns in his paintings. Indeed, these paintings contradict reality. The representations of the character are most often self-portraits. In the majority of the paintings, the characters are dressed in disguise. The hairstyles are unique to each canvas. It is possible to meet several characters in the same scene. Portraits tend to depress viewers.

the series of clowns : an expressionist painting

Bernard Buffet has produced a large number of works of art on the theme of clowns. Buffet paintings can represent 2 or 4 clowns. Some works bring out 3 musicians and a dancer. The artist's work highlights the absence of a smile and the melancholy in the eyes of the characters. An elderly clown is represented by more or less accentuated wrinkles. It is clear that Bernard Buffet is one of the artists who practiced figurative art from the post-war period. The French artist is known for his pictorial technique and his expressionism. These paintings represent real objects while favoring a dismal and black version.

everything you need to know about the series of clowns of Bernard Buffet

Bernard Buffet's clown series has grown significantly thanks to its figurative style. Portraits of clowns made him famous. The head of clowns is one of the first paintings in the series of clowns. This is a painting of 65 X 50 cm in size. The goal of the painter is to give increasing popularity to clowns. There are specialized galleries that highlight these works nowadays. Bernard Buffet's clown paintings represent 19th century clowns. The faces and melancholy gaits of the clowns evoke the expressionist work of the painter..
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