What method to use for a sculpture valuation

You have the possibility of having a sculpture appraised by auctioneers or experts in the field. An appraisal of a sculpture will be necessary if you want to know its market value for the purposes of a sale. Also, you will need an estimate when you decide to take out insurance to cover a sculpture in the event of theft or damage.

Criteria to consider when valuing a sculpture

The price of a sculpture can vary from about ten euros to millions of euros depending on its characteristics and rarity. Certain things should be kept in mind when estimating the price of a sculpture. These include the sculptor's reputation, the material used to create the sculpture, the date of creation and the subject matter. A sculpture signed by a sculptor who has a certain reputation in the field could be worth a lot of money on the market. You can then have the authenticity of the work of art and its author verified. A sculpture can also be made of many materials such as bronze or marble which will have an impact on its price. Regarding the date of conception, the older the sculpture, the higher its value is. The representation of the subject with a sculpture influences its price. To make an estimate of the sculptures, get an online valuation here.

Knowing the date when the artwork was designed

Dating a sculpture will reveal where it came from and when it was made. There are two methods available to the expert to do a sculpture appraisal: using advanced technological means or with the help of in-depth knowledge of the field. In order to date a sculpture, it is necessary to know the subject and the style in order to have an idea of the period in which it was conceived, the signature of the sculptors, the material and the technique used, which varies according to the period, as well as the founder's stamp in the case of a bronze sculpture.

Calling on a sculpture expert for the expertise

A sculpture expert has an astute eye, as he has experience with sculptures. He or she will know the date of conception of your artwork. He will also be able to certify the sculpture if it is an authentic model after making his analysis. As far as the auctioneer is concerned, he will be able to access the database of all sales made. Thus, he will give his opinion concerning the price of your artwork by referring to previous sales.
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