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Published on : 16 April 20214 min reading time
Painting is at the same time a profession, a passion, a gift. Usually it’s an art. Many are interested in this art. For some people, it is a gift that they have a natural ability without learning to draw or paint. However, some need to acquire more knowledge before embarking on the exploitation of paintings. There are several well-known artists, each of whom had their own artistic backgrounds. A painter can sell his work during artistic events or exhibit it in museums or public galleries.

The art of painting and it’s history

Historical works of art, like painting, appeal to most general audiences. Painting is an art practiced years ago. In the past, artists painted animals and landscapes that represented their time. Not yet being able to find multiple colors, they usually used black, red ocher, and yellow ocher. According to works from antiquity, the earliest traces have been called cave paintings. They were executed on rocks. Painting was also done on wooden supports.

Each painter has his passion, his specialty, his talent and his idea. Some represent their works with joyful, sensual and romantic images. For others, they show an idea of ​​aggression or sadness. The paintings reflect the photographs and images of the period. This art occupies an important place in the real life of all, just before the arrival of cameras. Painting has recently been seen as a medium for expressing a vision.

Painting is a real pleasure for the eyes. Several artistic places bring together the works of painters. In museums or in an exhibition hall, you can admire the products of each painter. 

The greatest painters in history

The history of painting has been engraved by famous painters. Currently, there are several museums which allow visitors to discover the best works of history. Art lovers can admire the large canvases and oil paintings made by the greatest painters such as Picasso, Van Gogh, Matisse, etc. In a museum, you can find the great Mona Lisa work by Lénoard de Vinci. It is the most famous canvas in the artistic world. These works have toured the world and have become models and references in the field of the arts.

There are also Le Caravaggio and Courbet, who are painters of the Italian Renaissance. In sanctified places like Greece or Egypt, it is possible to explore the fine arts of painting. Here is a list citing some of the great painters of history: Giotto, Degas, Duchamp, Seurat, Goya, Vermeer. Apart from the Mona Lisa, “Guernica” is also one of the best and most famous paintings in the world of painting. Speaking of popular works like “The Scream”, a canvas painted by the famous Edvard Munch. “Liberty Leading the People” is the name of a painting by the famous painter Eugène Delacroix.

The job of a painter

Painting is first and foremost a passion and a talent. The painter is also a profession, a hobby and a vocation. To enter the art of painting business, several skills and abilities are required. To be able to win in this profession, a painter must be daring. The courage to start, to move forward and to continue despite everything is really needed. He must have a good learning, that is, be creative with good quality. He must not give up, even if there have been failures and disappointments.

On the contrary, it is an opportunity to correct everything and renew talent. To be able to concentrate, it is advisable to take a distance from the outside world. Solitude is necessary in the art of painting. The advantage in this art is that painters are esteemed on their works and talents, without thinking about school diplomas.

Painting and commerce

Several paintings marked by their strangeness. For some, they are attractive thanks to the subjects and ideas contributed by the artist who made them. The paint market has recently evolved well. Previously, it was the royal family who commissioned artists. And now, this business is open to the general public. During visits to artistic places and museums, you can buy one or more paintings of your choice.

A painter must know how to differentiate art and commerce. To guarantee the sale of his works, the artist must treat the quality of his paintings well. You have to know how to get the attention of visitors to make them decide to buy the paintings. The estimate of the value of a work depends on its age, its size, the materials used, the idea evoked and the artist who painted it.

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