What does digital art consists of ?

Published on : 16 April 20214 min reading time
The world has been changing little by little in recent years. Indeed, there is not a single area of ​​human life that is not affected by progress today. In addition, new technologies are increasingly present in human life to the point of becoming indispensable. It has become more and more difficult to escape technology as it takes more and more space and this in all fields even in the field of art. Yet these changes bring both good and bad depending on the point of view.

The emergence of the internet on human’s life

In recent years, the world has faced many changes thanks to the progress that science has made. Perhaps the most spectacular of these advances is the advent of the internet in human life. Indeed, it should be remembered that the internet was created for military purposes in the first place. Its evolution is such that today virtually everyone in the world uses it. Basically, only a very small number of people could have access to the internet and this was mainly to communicate data. Since then the Internet has evolved a lot. It is clear that virtually everything is now available on the web, whether for fun, information or even communication. The art world is not left out in this perpetual evolution either. A whole new art has emerged with the advent of the internet in human life.  

What exactly is the advent of digital art?

With the advent of the digital age in human life, it was clear from the start that art itself would be fundamentally affected. This is the emergence of digital art. New technology has not only improved techniques, it has also created a new field of art which is digital art. It is a misconception that digital art only saw the light of day a few years ago, given the fact that the internet only started to gain prominence a short time ago. However, digital art has been around for much longer, more precisely in the 1950s. Digital art consists of making creations through computers, programs and all the tools that relate to it. Indeed, digital art brings together all creations related to the digital field. Digital art highlights the alliance between digital and artistic fields. It is with this in mind that digital art has already established several specific subcategories such as virtual reality, artificial intelligence, interactive art, digital imagery, generative art, or robotic art. even augmented realities.

Benefits of digital art today

Art itself has always had a cathartic effect on every individual. Taking the time to admire the splendor of a digital creation allows for a moment’s escape from the routine. Indeed, it has become a nightmare over the past few years. In addition, digital art makes it possible to further develop the imagination where virtually anything is possible within the framework of virtual reality. Thus, it can also be considered to be the forerunner of modern designs. Shapes can be established through virtual construction. Thanks to virtual reality, it is now possible to predict what might be a glimpse of modern buildings in the future. In addition, digital art is visible directly through the canvas. Just do some research on the internet to find various categories of this digital art. Whatever the form of art, it is available directly on the internet. Also, digital art greatly facilitates life in the art world.

Some dangers regarding technology regarding the world of art

With the advent of technology in the world, the art world in general seems to be at a loss. This insofar as the techniques learned years ago within the artistic field. In fact, traditional techniques are gradually becoming obsolete. Indeed, several applications are now available insofar as they now replace traditional artists and are moreover free. Also, traditional art is more and more on borrowed time to this day. It has now become clear that technological advances are jeopardizing traditional art. Nevertheless, new technology has allowed the emergence of another branch of the art which continues to evolve. Thus, despite the shortcomings of progress in this area, the fact remains that the benefits of the digital age are undeniable..

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