Appraising an artwork: how to do it?

There are many reasons why you might want to have your work of art appraised. Knowing the market price of a work of art is important when you want to sell it. Also, if you want to cover it with insurance, an estimate of the value of your artwork will be necessary. To find out the art value of the work you own, you can choose among a few sensible methods.

Methods for estimating the value of an artwork

Among these methods, you can call on an expert in the field, go to auctioneers or public institutions to estimate your valuable object. It is even possible to estimate a work of art online using specialised platforms. Works of art are used for different purposes: for decoration, for collection, or for conveying an idea or an opinion. Examples of works of art are sculptures and paintings. Estimating their value depends not only on the technical side, but also on the impression of the viewer, a factor not to be overlooked. A quality work of art is one that you can describe and something you capture quickly. In the case of a painting, for example, in order to be able to value it, you need to consider other criteria in relation with its design, such as the date of creation of the painting, the techniques used to create the sculpture, the popularity of the artist and the materials used. An authentic work of art signed by a great artist can sell for millions of euros on the market. Feel free to visit  for more information if you want to get an idea of the art value of your work.

Regarding the emotions expressed

When artists add emotions to their work, this brings the work to life. The artist’s expression of emotions adds value to the artwork. A person who is faced with an emotional work of art will be more inclined to buy it. The artist then conveys his ideas or his opinions. When a work of art has a certain emotion, its artistic value will increase considerably. A painting that tells a story, a history or a fact will be more expensive and will attract more people.

What about collections?

You can have your works of art valued one by one or together at one time. An art collection will contain works that are inseparable and can be appraised collectively. In the case of a collection appraisal, the criteria to be taken into account are the date of conception, the artist, the contexts of creation and the quality of the work. Other criteria may influence the art value of the work, such as its historical value.
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